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Unspoken Dream

December 20, 2010 – Meditations

Unspoken Dream

An unspoken dream
That is in every one
A longing within
This dream articulated
In universal language

I had a dream as a child
I wanted a home with peace
An atmosphere of loving care
To celebrate life

Moments of oneness
I remember them so well
Laughter and playing
Learning a rhythm of joy
Experienced in the child

I got a glimpse of it
The first seven years of life
Playing ball with the neighbors
Being held with love

The child needs a holding place
Of personal tender care
Where she feels safe and secure
Untouched by trouble

The home is the place
Where joy is at the center
Laughter the result
Forgiveness reigns all around
The freedom to discover

I will tell the world
That peace is within their reach
What you need first is desire
Then a clear vision
If it is there you will find it
Relationships that flourish

I’ll never give up
Living peace and sharing it
It is my great joy

Those who want to know
Who’re searching with all their heart
Will certainly find
It will take your best thinking
Then faith and courage to act

It is in practicing
The things that you know are true
You’ll discover more

There are daily practices
I’ve discovered on the way
That are essential to me
For living in joy

I awoke from a dream this morning with my heart going out to the children who long to be held and experience home as the safest place they know.
I felt that security as a little child although my parents were teenagers when they married. There was extended family, community and neighbors who provided that for the first seven years until the family unit fell apart. But I believe there is a longing in everyone to find a place of peace where joy sits at the center. I want to be a part of pointing the way to this authentic life that I expericnce and believe is available to all. These meditations came out of this dream in the night and after reflecting on Proverbs 20 and John 15.


The Dance of Joy

I want to narrow my life
And be clear of my focus
Know exactly why I’m here
Be faithful to love
There is a rhythm of joy
A dance of life I will find
It has beautiful movements
Lovely to behold
Pay attention to detail
I will practice the basics
Concentrate on the movement
Until natural
All people can learn this dance
There are four steps you must learn
Awareness and intention
Will go along way
Add on to that attention
Then focus on attitude
Study these words carefully
And practice daily
© Terry S. Smith
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